>Ely Farms Fall Season filled with Opportunity

>Ely Farms will kick the fall season off with a few exciting shows in Lincoln and Omaha. To begin the month of October, Ely Farms will be set up in Lincoln at the Okto-Beerfest at the Lancaster Event Center on October 1st. This will be a fun night and a great opportunity to interact with customers in the community of Lincoln (the hard part will be staying focused on marketing and sales, as “samples” are available to all).

Begining October 2nd, Ely Farms will have a display in Omaha at the Omaha Home and Garden Expo “Hint of the Holidays.” I am very excited about this show, and have a good feeling about the opportunity to interact with a crowd that is begining to think about gift ideas and preparing food for the holiday family crowd. This show will go through Sunday the 4th, and will be a lot of fun.

Look out Omaha, here we come, with show #2 on Saturday (I will have a friend along to watch this booth). Yes, that is correct, we will also be set up at the Rockbrook Village for the 23rd Annual Apple Day Craft Show. This is our first year at this show, so we are excited. I am still wondering how we will pull off a 4 day, 3 show circus with 2 guys, but we will soon find out.

Enjoy this beautiful fall season!


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