>Weekend Shows In Omaha, Nebraska

>The weekend of October 3rd 2009 was a fun and exciting weekend for Ely Farms. With no Husker game, I was able to focus. Octo-Beerfest in Lincoln on Thursday October 1st was great, with the best turnout I can remember the even having. I made my first trip to Rockbrook Village in Omaha, which was surprsingly easy to find, being just off of the I-80 and I-680 Intersection. Thank goodness it didn’t rain, as we did not have a tent set up like 90 % of the vendors. I have to be honest; this was the first time I had done the show and I thought we would be inside đŸ™‚ With cool temperatures and no wind, it was a great day and there was a steady crowd making it a success! The Omaha Home and Garden show was another great opportunity to meet alot of Omaha folks. I enjoyed meeting other vendors at the show, folks who attended the show, the Mancuso Brothers who put on the show, and would have to say the highlight was meeting Aaron McCargo Jr., who is an up and coming star on the Food Network. www.aaronmccargo.com

Now it is time for me to get settled in back home, help dad with the corn harvest, do some bowhunting in this beautiful fall weather, and relax a little. Of course, as the holidays continue to approach, there will be plenty of business to take care of!


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