>It’s That Time of the Year…

>January always seems to be a long month to me. I’m alwasy feeling the post-holiday “let down” after a busy busy December of filling orders for the holiday’s and the excitement of the Holidays. Maybe it’s even the fact that Husker Football season is over that makes it seem hard to find something to do on the weekends, or that hunting season is over. Or maybe it’s the cold weather! Either way I look at it, January just doesn’t have the excitement of so many other months.

However, January does always provide me with an opportunity to get my act together for a new year. I have always been very goal oriented, and as usual I set personal and business goals. With fresh asparagus season, and pickling asparagus season just around the corner, January gives me the time I need to get orgainzed and plan for the rest of the year. So it is important that I use my time this month wisely to make sure the rest of the year is a success. I will post a link to a blog that shares some ideas on achieving personal and business goals.

Well spring, weddings, warmer weather, March Madness, and FRESH ASPARAGUS SEASON!!!!, and all sorts of great things are just around the corner. So lets use this time of the year to get things caught up and organized, so we are ready for the crazyness that comes with spring and summer.


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