>Do I Have Time for a Half Marathon??

>Well I have decided to run a half marathon on May 2nd in Lincoln. The biggest challenge for me isn’t so much the running, but will likely be managing my time during the busy spring season. With fresh asparagus season just around the corner, and a line up of spring shows including the Omaha Home & Garden Show, The Husker Lawn and Leisure Show, and the Omaha Farmers Markets it will likely be a challenge to effectively manage my time. I will have to be organized, and delegate many responsibilities! I have found that to find happiness in my personal life, family life, spiritual life, and work and business, I must know how to manage my time, and I have to set rules for myself to follow.

The most important of these “rules” is to give myself down time and personal time each day. Rule #1: I must be away from all my work by 8:30 each night. This gives me at least 2 hours before I go to bed to relax. This is my time. Rule #2, I must work out and excersice at least 4-5 times a week. I am much less stressed when I take time to work out. Rule #3: Get enough sleep each night. For me, this means 8 hours. Rule #4: Work hard and efficiently when I am working. I must focus on whats important as soon as I wake up each morning by spending some time reading a devotional. I must then get a good healthy breakfast in me, and get fouced on a productive day’s work! This is the only way I can get everything done, and this way, when I do relax, I feel like I’ve earned it! I will post a link to the Blog “Mindful Time Management: Relief from Overwhelf for Entrepreneurs and Creative Professionals.”


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