Tornado Season just around the Corner

It is hard to believe that March is already here!  There is a tornado outbreak taking place in southern Kansas/northern Oklahoma this afternoon, and I have been following some storm chasers updates online, and watching some of their live streaming video as the wall clouds form and begin to rotate.  Pretty cool stuff!    This year, for the first time, my friend and I are set up with the computer program and GPS to locate and track tornadic supercell thunderstorms. I got to thinking about this today, and why I am so interested in the weather.  Isn’t it funny how each individual has certain interests and passions that make them unique? Some of these unique passions can even be seen in people when they are young.  For example, I have been interested in the clouds and weather since I was a little kid.  I would be outside watching thunderstorms and the clouds and lightning shows as they would roll across the plains towards our house, while there was nobody else in my family who had any interest in them. 

On another note, Nebraska girls and boys state basketball tournaments will be taking place in Lincoln, Nebraska these next two upcoming weekends.  High School state basketball tournaments is always a special time in Nebraska.  Growing up in a small town, I have learned how communities come together to support their youth.  I especially enjoy the first round games that are played in high school gyms in Lincoln.  There are entire towns that pack the gyms, and the noise level and excitement just echo’s the tradition, work ethics, and competitive spirit of each community.  It really is special!


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