Must We Say Goodbye to March?

Wow, what a weekend of basketball.  Did you happen to catch the late games on Friday night?  The Kentucky-Ohio State game goes to the wire, and then we finish up the night with an OT game of the cinderella stories, VCU & Florida State-game goes to OT and VCU continues their incredible run.  So we were down to 8 teams. I was almost sure there was no way Saturday’s games could measure up to Friday night, until the Butler-Florida game.  If you didn’t see it, watch some highlights on you tube, because it was crazy.  I still don’t understand each team throwing up three-pointers to win the game, when all they needed was a good drive and a high-percentage shot (Floriday), but then again I’m not a basketball coach-and never will be.  Maybe Butler can take it all the way this year, and make up for a would be game winner off the rim last year?  Or maybe VCU will be the greatest upset team in college basketball history.  Personally, as a fan of the underdog 10 times out of 10 (unless is involves Nebraska sports), I would LOVE to see the winner of the Butler/VCU game take home the title.  It’s a great year to watch the tournament if you are a fan cinderalla stories, and last second shots.  It’s been so good, it will hard to say goodbye to March 2011.  But then again, I guess the reason March is special is because it only comes once a year!  So until next March, enjoy the Final Four games.


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