WTF (Whats This Food?)


This past week, I had the opportunity to talk with Daniel Delaney over the phone.  He emailed me, asking Ely Farms if they would be interested in having our product featured on his webpage.  I was not interested at first, as I have an advertising budget to follow, and I like to keep most of this budget local in my hometown of Sutton, Nebraska.  However, after I had a chance to talk to Daniel for a while, and check out his webpage (, I became very interested, and more so impressed with what he is doing. You see, Daniel Delaney is a food media producer and entrepreneur, who launched VendrTV, a weekly web video series about street food. He is a young guy, who is creative, and working hard doing something he loves.  He has vision, and is following that vision.  “On a mission to find the best street food around,” Dan and his crew set out to discover mobile great foods from Maine to California, and everywhere in between.  Daniel is currently developing a television show, and working on his first book, both about street food.  But what I found most interesting about Daniel is that in 2011, Daniel made his New Year’s resolution to learn about new foods through a daily web series called WTF: “What’s This Food?” Consequently, Dan re-launched his website,, to organize all his recent food projects, including his new food blog, Delaney Eats.  What’s also very cool, is that Ely Farms is a sponsor on Wednesday, May 25th, and Daniel is working on putting together a video about the history of bloody mary’s, and will wear an Ely Farms T-Shirt, and will use Ely Farms Pickled Asparagus spears in the episode he produces.  This will be available online on you tube.  I am super excited about this opportunity.  I really think Daniel is onto something here!


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